A storehouse of vitamins available to everyone - Jerusalem artichoke powder

A storehouse of vitamins available to everyone - Jerusalem artichoke powder

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Jerusalem artichoke, known in our country under the name "earthen pear", is a tuberous plant from the Aster family. Jerusalem artichoke tubers, developing on the underground shoots of the plant and most often eaten, contain a unique set of mineral and biologically active substances, but, unfortunately, cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, a common way of harvesting and further storing a useful product is making a powder from Jerusalem artichoke tubers, in which all the useful properties of a fresh vegetable are preserved.

What is this remedy?

Jerusalem artichoke powder is crushed, dried in a certain way plant tubers.

The powder has a friable structure, beige color and sweetish taste. It does not dissolve in water, it becomes softer and darkens, acquiring a dark brown color. The powder smells like vegetable fat.

The finished powder can be used in food, as well as in food products and dietary supplements. To get 1 kg of Jerusalem artichoke powder, you need 5 kg of fresh vegetables. The powder is hygroscopic. In the industrial production of Jerusalem artichoke powder, the requirements of TU 9164-001-17912573-2001 and SanPin have been developed. The shelf life of the powder is on average 18 months.

Do it yourself or buy it at the pharmacy: which one to choose?

Wanting to preserve the harvested crop, not trusting industrial dietary supplements and as an economy, you can make Jerusalem artichoke powder yourself. It is recommended to dry prepared Jerusalem artichoke tubers outdoors, in the oven, dryer, then grind in a coffee grinder. Best stored in glass containers.

All the useful properties of the vegetable are preserved to the maximum during the production of Jerusalem artichoke powder in an industrial environment. The so-called method of freeze-drying vacuum drying of Jerusalem artichoke is used. Health food centers, pharmacies also offer a large selection of products and dishes containing earthen pear powder, which will make the diet more varied for those who want to use this product for their health.

You can watch an overview of the best Jerusalem artichoke remedies here.

Where and how much can you buy?

Jerusalem artichoke powder is presented on the market:

  • in its pure form;
  • mixed with various berries and herbs in the form of herbal remedies;
  • as part of functional and dietary meals;
  • food additives;
  • medicines;
  • therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics.

The average cost of a pure product is from 90 rubles per 100 grams, while when buying large volumes, the price is reduced to 500 rubles per kilogram. In Moscow, Jerusalem artichoke powder can be purchased at:

  1. pharmacies;
  2. stores "Health";
  3. the shops of the "Ringing Cedars" club;
  4. Shopping center Kolibri and others.

In the northern capital, earthen pear powder is sold in the “Compass Health” stores, the Nevis pharmacy chain and others.

Chemical composition

As a percentage, Jerusalem artichoke powder consists of:

  • about 72-77% polysaccharides;
  • 7-7.2% protein;
  • 10% fiber;
  • about 1.1% of pectin substances.

100 grams of Jerusalem artichoke powder contains:

  • 73.1 g carbohydrates;
  • 8 g fiber;
  • 6 g of water;
  • 4.7 g protein;
  • fats 2.2 g;
  • ash 2.54 g.

Caloric content per 100 grams of dry product is 365 Kcal.

Jerusalem artichoke powder contains many vitamins:

  • AND;
  • beta carotene;
  • FROM;
  • E;
  • D;
  • TO;
  • PP;
  • B vitamins.

It includes many:

  • macronutrients (potassium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus);
  • trace elements (iron, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc);
  • digestible carbohydrates (mono- and disaccharides);
  • fatty acids (omega-6);
  • mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic.

Benefit and harm

Important. Jerusalem artichoke is known primarily for the content of inulin, a natural polysaccharide and a prebiotic.

In diabetic patients, it lowers glucose levels, replacing it with beneficial fructose. Therefore, Jerusalem artichoke preparations are difficult to overestimate in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Also, the part of inulin not split in the gastrointestinal tract collects and removes accumulated toxins and excess lipids from the body (read about how to properly use Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes mellitus, read here).

An experiment was carried out during which Jerusalem artichoke was grown in an area with high radiation. As a result, it turned out that the plant does not take toxins from the environment, while remaining safe for consumption. In addition, the earthen pear is not modifiable. Consequently, gardeners who grow Jerusalem artichoke on their plots can be sure of its purity and environmental friendliness.

For the first time, Avicenna mentioned the use of plants that contain insulin in the treatment of heart disease, weight loss and diabetes in his teachings in the 10th century.

Nowadays, research methods make it possible to study many other useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke. and its products:

  1. Inulin cleans the body of heavy metals and radionuclides, stimulates the growth of bone tissue, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the liver, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, helps with various poisonings. Promotes the normalization of lipid metabolism in the human body.
  2. Pectins also rid the body of accumulated harmful substances, improve blood circulation and gastrointestinal motility.
  3. Protein increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, regulate metabolism, strengthen the body's defenses.
  4. Trace elements fight inflammation in the body, promote wound healing, have antimicrobial effect.
  5. Vitamins of group B, C, A strengthen the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems of the body, promote the formation of sex hormones, nourish the optic nerves. Prevents the development of cancer and premature aging. Vitamin C helps to eliminate puffiness in kidney and heart disease.
  6. Organic amino acids have antioxidant properties, increase the body's defenses. They are effective in normalizing blood glucose levels in diabetes.
  7. Sugars (carbohydrates) give energy to the body, stimulate the functions of the nervous, cardiovascular system, improve brain activity, participate in all metabolic processes.
  8. Cellulose normalizes the digestive tract, reduces the absorption of cholesterol.
  9. Contained iron in an earthen pear, of which there is more than in carrots or beets, in the process of treating anemia, it increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Vitamins, microelements are effective for the normalization of potency in men. Inulin, amino acids are used in the treatment of parasitic diseases, they restore the intestinal microflora. It is useful to take Jerusalem artichoke for urolithiasis.

With hypertension, Jerusalem artichoke powder helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Contraindications of Jerusalem artichoke powder include individual intolerance to the product, allergy to vitamins A, C. With caution, take preparations from Jerusalem artichoke should be hypotensive, since Jerusalem artichoke powder helps to lower blood pressure, and people suffering from cholelithiasis, since the product has a choleretic effect.

We talked more about the medicinal properties of Jerusalem artichoke in a separate article.


Consider how to take a remedy for various ailments.

  1. From atherosclerosis. In order to prevent and treat atherosclerosis in the early stages of atherosclerosis, daily use 1 to 3 small spoons of powder, previously diluted in liquid (1 spoon per glass of water). Better to take 40 minutes before meals. It is recommended to consume more liquid during the course of therapy.
  2. Obesity. People who are going to get rid of extra pounds should introduce ready-made meals containing earthen pear powder into their daily diet; it is also recommended to consume a sufficient amount of water.
  3. For chronic fatigue. Earthen pear contains many macronutrients, especially magnesium, which makes it a useful product for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, in the treatment of chronic fatigue. In this case, it is recommended to take tea from powder. To do this, 1 tbsp. of Jerusalem artichoke powder, brew with two glasses of boiling water and strain. It is recommended to drink one glass twice a day shortly before meals. The course of treatment is 20 days.
  4. To cleanse the body. In order to cleanse the body, Jerusalem artichoke powder is included in the daily diet, no more than 3 small spoons, while either simply adding to food, or diluted with a glass of water and taken some time before meals.

Jerusalem artichoke, known in Russia for a long time, is now partially forgotten in our country. The powder from this vegetable, while retaining all its useful qualities, is effective both in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, while it has a special taste and is easy to use. Let this useful product become more familiar and desirable on our tables.

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