Green spinach on the windowsill all year round: how to grow it at home?

Green spinach on the windowsill all year round: how to grow it at home?

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Spinach has a pleasant taste, contains many useful substances, and helps in the treatment of diseases.

To get a harvest of fresh greens all year round, you can grow spinach at home - on the most ordinary window sill of an apartment.

From the article offered to your attention, you can learn how to choose seeds of a suitable variety and grow seedlings from them; we will tell you about planting rules and how to properly care for plants.

Is it possible to plant a plant in an apartment?

Many growers grow spinach on a windowsill, balcony or loggia. With proper maintenance, the plant develops safely at home.

Spinach thrives on the sill of the south window. In the autumn-winter period, it is necessary to organize supplementary lighting with a phytolamp.

Important. The ambient temperature should be in the range from +14 to + 18 ° С. Values ​​from +7 to + 10 ° C are permissible, but leaves grow more slowly under such conditions.

Spinach does not tolerate dry air. In winter, you should protect the greens from the effects of heating devices and more often spray the leaf plates from a spray bottle.

Seed breeding

Variety selection and seed treatment

Varieties differ in sowing time, leaf size and taste. Experienced vegetable growers recommend growing early maturing varieties at home that tolerate greenhouse conditions well. The most suitable are:

  • Gigantic... The rosette consists of medium sized leaves. Ripens in a month from the moment the first shoots appear. It has a delicate taste and is recommended for feeding children.
  • Stoic... It has medium-sized leaves. The period from germination to technical maturity takes 14–20 days.
  • Fat-leaved... It is characterized by fleshy leaves with a relief coating. Ready to harvest 35-40 days after the first shoots appear.
  • Victoria... Rounded leaves form a compact rosette. An early ripening variety, ripens in 25–40 days.
  • Strawberry... Ready to eat two to three weeks after the first shoots appear. Not only are the leaves edible, but also the fruits.

If spinach is grown for the first time, it is recommended to plant several varieties of seeds.

Before planting, the seeds must be soaked in warm water for a day. ... The procedure will speed up the germination process and increase the percentage of seed germination. After soaking, place the planting material for two to three hours in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. Then remove and pat dry with a paper towel.

Step-by-step algorithm of actions, how to plant correctly

  1. Prepare the soil and container.
  2. Calcine the soil in the oven for about half an hour, or treat it with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. Pour drainage on the bottom of the pot - expanded clay or pebbles.
  4. Place the treated substrate on top.
  5. On the surface, make small grooves up to one and a half centimeters deep.
  6. Arrange the seeds in the grooves, leaving gaps of two to three centimeters.
  7. Sprinkle with a little earth.
  8. Moisten the soil slightly with a sprayer.
  9. Cover the container with glass or plastic wrap.
  10. Keep in a warm place.
  11. When the first shoots appear, remove the shelter. Usually the first shoots appear in a week and a half after sowing.

Below you can watch a useful video on how to plant spinach seeds on the windowsill or balcony of a city apartment:

We talked more about how to grow spinach from seeds and care for seedlings in a separate article.

Do I need to overseed?

After harvesting the first harvest, it is recommended to sow new seeds in the vacant space. This measure ensures the continuous growth of the greenery.

How to grow seedlings?

Seedlings can be grown on their own:

  1. Prepare spinach seeds, cassettes and all-purpose seedling soil.
  2. Place the seeds one by one in the cassette cells to a depth of one centimeter.
  3. Moisten the soil using a spray bottle.
  4. Cover crops with foil.
  5. Keep at temperatures from +18 to + 20 ° C.
  6. After 8-10 days, when the first shoots appear, remove the film.
  7. Provide an ambient temperature of + 18 ° C and high-quality lighting. If necessary, arrange additional illumination with a phytolamp.
  8. When young specimens grow out of the cells, transplant into pots.

When and how will the harvest be expected?

Harvest when the rosettes have five to six large formed leaves. Early ripening varieties ripen 28–36 days after sowing. Homemade spinach is not inferior to garden spinach in taste.

How to care?


Important.The minimum temperature at which spinach yields a crop is in the range from +7 to + 10 ° C. In such conditions, the leaves develop slowly.

The maximum growing temperature is + 20 ° C. If the indicators rise above this mark, the peduncle appears too early.

The optimum temperature is from +14 to + 18 ° С.

Watering and humidity

Regular moderate watering is required. Drying out the soil is detrimental to spinach. Each new watering is carried out with drying of the top layer of the earthFor the procedure, use settled water at room temperature. After watering, the substrate is slightly loosened.

The air must be humid, otherwise the early formation of peduncles will begin. Leaf plates are sprayed with water at room temperature once a day; in the heat, the event is carried out twice.


Young specimens should be shaded at protect from sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves will burn.

In winter, daylight hours for spinach crops are increased with a special lamp for at least 2 hours in the morning or evening.

Daylight hours should last 10-12 hours... The lamp must be installed at a height of 50-60 centimeters above the container.

In cloudy weather, the lamp for additional lighting of spinach is allowed to be turned on for 14 hours.


Attention! Spinach is contraindicated in soil with the addition of peat. The substrate should not have a high acidity index.

You can buy a universal soil in the store or prepare the soil mixing vermicompost and coconut fiber in a 1: 2 ratio. It is allowed to replace coconut fiber with perlite or vermiculite.

Top dressing

Are they required? Which ones are better to deposit? After the appearance of the first shoots, liquid fertilizing can be added. At home, use hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, "Fitosporin". If the sowing of seeds was carried out in fertile soil, the spring seedlings do not require additional feeding.

Capacity for greens

Long, low, wide containers are suitable for growing spinach on a windowsill or balcony. Each sprout needs a living space of eight by eight centimeters... The material of the container does not matter.

Greens grow well both in wooden or plastic boxes, and in ordinary flower pots made of clay, plastic, ceramics. At the bottom of the container, there must be a drainage hole for moisture drain.


After the formation of the second permanent leaf, the seedlings are thinned out. Extra copies are removed, leaving gaps of 10-15 centimeters... After the procedure, water the spinach abundantly.

Do I need to rearrange the container on the windowsill?

Drawers or pots on the windowsill are rotated 180 ° daily to provide even lighting for the spinach.

Spinach is easy to care for and grows well both outdoors and in greenhouses. It can be grown both in separate beds and planted with other vegetable crops between the rows, with which it gets along well. This allows not only to use the land rationally, but also to increase yields. It may be useful for you to find out other nuances of planting seeds or seedlings of spinach in different parts of Russia, as well as how to properly harvest a vegetable and how many crops you can get per year.

Features of care on the balcony

If spinach is kept on an unglazed balcony, young greens should be covered at first, protecting them from the spring sun and daily temperature drops. When the air temperature drops to + 9 ° C, the containers should be transferred to the apartment.

Spinach can be grown not only in the garden, but also at home. To have fresh herbs on your table all year round, you have to work hard. It is necessary to choose the right variety, follow the sowing technology, maintain optimal conditions for plants and harvest on time.

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