All about planting tomatoes in April. Tips for choosing a seed variety to plant this month

All about planting tomatoes in April. Tips for choosing a seed variety to plant this month

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April is the time when spring comes practically in all of Russia, even in its coldest regions. However, it is the fact that warm April usually comes immediately after winter that alarms many: is it possible to plant tomatoes, will they not die from the cold or frost?

To solve this problem, we wrote an article describing suitable varieties of tomatoes, regions for planting them and the time when it is better to refrain from planting in April. Compliance with the described conditions will help any gardener and gardener to get a big harvest and plant seeds in April.

Why are April days the best for planting?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to remember the ripening period of tomatoes. The ripening time for ordinary tomatoes lasts approximately 110 days.

If you count, it turns out that exactly landing in April is the most optimal in terms of fruit ripeness: if tomatoes are planted in mid-April, they will become fully ripe just by the beginning of August - the time when the most stable and rather hot weather is observed throughout Russia.

You need to understand that 110 days is an average value. With a small amount of incoming light, the ripening time can be extended by an additional 20, maximum 30 days. In this regard, far from all regions, growing tomatoes in the ground is, in principle, possible, and in some it is necessary to know exactly the local weather conditions.

Otherwise, there is a high probability that the tomatoes either do not have time to ripen in time, or begin to bear fruit already with the onset of cold weather, or even die before the end of maturation.

Recommendations for choosing a seed variety

Any variety of tomatoes is suitable for sowing in April - but this is only relevant for hot regions. (for example, Krasnodar Territory). In the rest of Russia, the climate is usually more severe: spring comes late, summer is short, autumn comes quickly and immediately with bad weather.

Therefore, conventional tomato varieties are not suitable in most regions of Russia; early ripening varieties must be sown instead. Varieties of this type:

  • they will have time to get strong enough in the first days of spring heat, so they will not be very afraid of frosts;
  • due to their rapid ripening, they will have time to ripen on time, which means that the plant will bear fruit all summer.

If, instead of early ripening varieties, you plant a regular variety in April, you may encounter a situation where tomatoes begin to bear fruit only by the very end of the short Russian summer - as a result, with the onset of autumn cold weather, the plant will die, and the summer resident will not be able to collect even 40% of the possible harvest.

For more information on which varieties can be sown in April, see the video below:

In which regions and when can tomatoes be planted?

Tomatoes are very light and heat demanding, because their homeland is located in hot South America. This means that in cloudy and / or cold regions, it is better to either abandon the planting of this plant, or plant it in special greenhouse conditions.

Lack of sufficient light supply most often leads to the fact that tomatoes stop growing, stop "blushing", and in some cases begin to wilt altogether. Accordingly, for the best result, the summer resident needs to rely on the table of frost-free periods inherent in different regions of Russia.

In the southern regions, the earlier the tomatoes are planted, the better - and the southern early onset of spring allows planting not early ripening, but ordinary varieties of tomatoes. There, the most optimal time for planting tomatoes will be March 20, since already at this time a frost-free period begins and warmth comes.

The regions of central Russia are ideal for landing in April. - the southern Urals, southern Siberia, the Volga region, and so on. Consider where and what date it is best to sow.

In truly northern regions - if the summer resident still wants to plant plants in open ground, and not in a greenhouse - the frost-free period begins in mid-May. At this time, you need to plant tomatoes, and only early ripening varieties.

  • In the Urals, the most suitable date would be April 15-16, when spring has really come to the region. It is dangerous to plant earlier, since the Urals are characterized by unstable weather - there may be sharp frosts; later, it is also undesirable, because the onset of autumn, as a rule, occurs very quickly in the Ural region - tomatoes may simply not have time to grow.
  • Almost the same applies to Siberia, but it is better to plant there on April 26-27. The reason lies in the sharply continental climate prevalent throughout Siberia, which means that temperature fluctuations there are much sharper than anywhere else in Russia. Therefore, you need to plant tomatoes in a relatively calm period of time.
  • For the rest of Russia, the optimal number will be April 12-13. In the southern regions it is a little earlier, in the northern regions - on the contrary.

In what cases sowing should not be carried out?

In no case you cannot plant tomatoes if spring came late. This happens especially often in central Russia, as well as in the northern regions. If the snow is still lying or the temperature is still near freezing or even lower, you need to forget that it is April.

You must always remember that tomatoes are very sensitive to frost, incoming light and heat, so literally a few days of cold can ruin the entire future harvest. It is better to wait for a warmer May, when nothing threatens the crops.

Eventually, even in the coldest regions, a frost-free period begins in May.

Also it is not recommended to plant tomatoes in the southern regions at a time when the so-called insect pests begin to spread across countries. They are able to completely destroy the crop in just a few weeks, leaving behind only a tolerable fertilizer for the future harvest. In order for the sowing not to be destroyed by pests, the summer resident needs to regularly monitor botanical news.

Fortunately, now using the Internet, you can get access to almost any information; only full awareness can truly be saved from destroying the crop. The use of insecticides, while helping to control pests, also degrades the properties of the tomatoes themselves.

The same applies to diseases affecting exclusively plants and transmitted by water, air or through natural channels. (bacteria can "cling" to dandelion flowers, poplar fluff, and so on - as a result, the infection can spread many kilometers from the place where it originally appeared).

In all other respects, there are no dangers for planting plants in April.

Thus, planting tomatoes in April is the most reliable and versatile solution. A summer resident only needs to determine exactly which variety is suitable for the local climate, and for an experienced summer resident, the selection of a variety does not seem to be any serious problem.

Watch the video: How To Grow Summer Flower Seeds A-Z INFORMATION (June 2022).


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