The best timing for picking tomatoes: when to plant seedlings to get a good harvest?

The best timing for picking tomatoes: when to plant seedlings to get a good harvest?

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Now it is difficult to find at least one summer resident who does not have tomatoes on the site. Tomatoes have long been popular favorites. Growing seedlings at home will not be difficult. But the process of planting seedlings is a troublesome business.

Transplanting even the most seasoned seedlings is stress that must be reduced by observing certain rules for planting seedlings. It is these rules that will be discussed in the article. You will learn when to plant tomato seeds, whether it is possible to transfer seedlings outdoors in April, and how to determine if they are ready for planting.

The importance of timing

Many people believe that the earlier the seedlings are planted, the faster the harvest can be obtained. That is why they start planting tomatoes ahead of schedule. However, this is a big misconception. It is very important to choose the right time for planting seedlings.because the seedlings have a certain storage time and the plant needs a lot of light.

In winter, there is a short daylight hours, so this is not the best time to plant. The seedlings need to be strong, and without sufficient lighting they won't. Therefore, it is necessary to additionally highlight it, which will lead to additional waste. When the first shoots appear, they must be illuminated around the clock for two to three days. For this, a fluorescent lamp is used. Further, the plant should receive lighting for 10-12 hours.

If the plant does not receive the required amount of light, then the harvest will not last long. Therefore, if you plant seedlings later, when the necessary light conditions are available, then they will be much better. To obtain a good harvest, it is necessary to make the right choice in time for planting seedlings.

The storage time of seedlings is another reason why planting dates must be observed.

At home, tomato seedlings can be no longer than two months., planting in open ground or greenhouse occurs after this period. The strongest seedlings are considered, which were planted in late March or early April. Its growth will be much more active than the one that was planted in February.

What does the pick time depend on?

The correct time for planting seedlings depends largely on the variety of tomatoes. They can be:

  • early ripe;
  • mid-season;
  • late ripening.

Depending on this, the planting time will also change. Late-ripening tomatoes require planting in January-February, while early-ripening and mid-ripening ones need to be planted in March.

Much also depends on the region in which tomatoes will be grown. In regions with long and cold winters, seedlings will be planted earlier.

Timeframe from planting seeds to transferring plants to open ground or greenhouse

When planting seeds, you need to choose the right time. In order not to slow down the growth of the plant, you need not to overexpose its transplant to a permanent place. It is important to calculate not only the timing in which to plant seedlings, but also the timing of sowing seeds for seedlings at home. You need to sow 55-65 days before transplanting into open ground.

The timing of sowing and transplanting seedlings into the ground depends on climatic conditions. therefore the timing of sowing and diving tomatoes will differ for different regions.

When can you sow seeds and when you need to plant ready-made seedlings, depending on the region of growing tomatoes:

  • in the southern regions of Russia sowing is carried out from February 20 to March 15, and transplanting into the ground - from April 15 to May 20;
  • for central regions sowing time from March 15 to April 1, and transplanting - from May 10 to June 1;
  • in Siberia, the Urals and northern regions sown from May 1 to 15, and transplanted from May 25 to June 15.

You can also calculate the exact time based on tomato varieties and knowing the duration of their growing season.

The growing season for early maturing and hybrid varieties is 100 days. If you want to get a harvest by the end of July, then you just need to count one hundred days, add 7-10 days for seedlings and 3-5 days for adaptation of seedlings in the ground to them. Thus, sowing should take place around April 1st.

The growing season of different varieties of tomatoes is as follows:

  • early - 85-90 days;
  • mid-season - 90-110 days;
  • late maturing 110-115 days.

The timing also depends on where the seedlings will be planted: in a greenhouse or in open ground. If you plan to plant it in a greenhouse, then it should be grown by mid-May, in the ground - by June 10. The seedlings for planting should be 50-60 days old (depending on the variety of tomatoes). Therefore, when planting in a greenhouse, sowing should occur on March 10, and when planting in the ground - on April 5.

Same when planting seedlings, do not forget about the temperature regime... Tomatoes are very thermophilic. The temperature for their normal growth should be above +15 degrees. If the temperature is +15, then this will lead to the cessation of flowering and the formation of fruits, and at + 10 degrees, their growth will completely stop.

And of course, in addition to the listed recommendations, you should also consider when you want to harvest the first crop.

Video review of the timing of sowing tomato seeds:

What are the best dates for planting?

What should be the appearance of tomato sprouts?

Before planting seedlings in open ground or a greenhouse, it must get strong enough and adapt to the climatic conditions in which it will continue to grow. You can tell whether the seedlings are ready for transplantation by their appearance.

For transplanting, the stem must reach a length of 25-30 cm. It should also have 6-7 full-fledged sheets and one flower brush. But it may not appear.

Depending on the weather

You can land on the tenths of May. However, the climatic features of the region in which the landing will take place should not be overlooked. If there is a possibility that frosts will come at the beginning or middle of the month, then planting should be postponed to the end of May. The weather should be warm spring.

In this case, it is important to comply with the following conditions:

  1. Suitable temperature - during the day the temperature should be + 20 ... + 22 degrees, at night - not lower than +15. Soil temperature +15, but not less than +10.
  2. Exclusion of frost - even at a temperature of -1 tomatoes slow down their growth and delay fruiting. No one is insured against the return of frost, so the tomatoes are covered with a special covering material or film.

Taking into account the region

It all depends on the climatic characteristics and weather conditions of different regions.

  • Middle woodland (Moscow region) - second half of May - early June.
  • Ural and Siberia - end of May - mid-June.
  • Southern regions - end of April - beginning of May.

Lunar calendar

Whether to resort to the help of the lunar calendar in this matter is a purely individual decision. If you decide to resort to this method, then you can read the recommendations for a specific year, which indicate the exact dates.

Tomato seeds are sown during the growing moon, in its second phase. Seven days before the full moon.

Seedlings are planted after the new moon, in the first phase of the moon. On a new or full moon, as well as 12 hours before and after, planting is not recommended.

Growing tomatoes is troublesome. But observing all the rules for sowing seeds, growing and planting seedlings, as well as the rules for subsequent care, you will certainly get the well-deserved result of your labors. This is a great harvest that your whole family can enjoy.

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