Spicy herb oregano: planting and care in the open field and at home. When is the best time to harvest?

Spicy herb oregano: planting and care in the open field and at home. When is the best time to harvest?

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Oregano (oregano) is a type of perennial herb that has a number of useful properties and is widely used in cooking and medicine.

With this in mind, the herb is considered to be one of the most popular spices in the world. It will not be superfluous to start it on your own personal plot.

In this article, we will try to tell you as much as possible about this grass, as well as how to plant and care for it outdoors. You will learn about diseases and pests that can harm oregano when grown.

The timing of planting in open ground in the Moscow region, in the Urals and Siberia

Planting time for oregano depends on indicators such as temperature, weather and climatic features of the region.

It is necessary to plant a plant in open ground only when the threat of return frosts has completely passed, the soil has warmed up enough, and average temperature indicators should not fall below + 15C - + 17C... Naturally, the further north the region is, the later such weather conditions occur.

  • Moscow suburbs... Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in the first decade of March, planting seedlings in the ground - in May.
  • Ural... The second half of March is the optimal time for sowing oregano for seedlings. Planting in open ground - May: it is at this time that the threat of return frosts will completely pass.
  • Siberia... The end of March - the beginning of April is the period when it is advisable to sow seeds for seedlings, young seedlings are planted in open ground in late May - early April.

Where to grow the spice and after what is it better to place it?

Oregano can be planted after potatoes, carrots, beans and peas... But after other herbs it is not worth it, since there is a high probability that oregano will be susceptible to the same diseases as its predecessors.

How to choose a plot in the garden or in the country and prepare the land?

Consider where it is better to plant oregano in a vegetable garden or garden, how to choose the right place and soil for growing. For oregano, a sunny plot of land is suitable, protected from drafts, to the surface of which groundwater does not fit, since the plant does not tolerate stagnant water.

Sandy soil with neutral acidity (20% turf, 75% peat, 5% sand) would be ideal for him. Usually experienced gardeners begin to prepare a garden for planting oregano in the fall... Dig up the earth with a shovel and add 1/3 of a bucket (or 6 - 7 kg) of organic matter (manure, compost, humus) and 2 tablespoons of mineral fertilizers (potassium salt, superphosphate) per square meter.

If the pH is below average, then the soil is limed by adding dolomite flour, fluff lime or wood ash (250 - 300 g per square meter). As for sowing seeds in a container, you can use any nutritious potting soil mix from the store to which a small amount of regular sand has been added as a substrate.

Which plants can be placed next to, and which cannot?

Oregano gets along well with flowers and shrubs: daylilies, echinacea, chamomile, strawberries, grapes, sea buckthorn. Do not place cucumbers and zucchini next to each other..

Breeding methods for oregano in the open field and photos for them

Let us analyze what methods of propagation of spicy herbs exist in the open field, and give a photo with them.

By dividing

  1. A shrub 3 - 5 years old in the spring must be carefully dug out with a shovel in early spring.
  2. The root of the plant should be divided into several parts so that at least 2 - 4 healthy buds remain on each of them.
  3. Places of cuts on the roots must be sprinkled with wood ash or crushed activated carbon.
  4. Prepare planting holes, the depth of which is equal to the volume of the root system of the parts (approximately 30 by 50 cm).
  5. Wells need to be shed properly.
  6. Lower new plants in them, cover with earth.
  7. The surface of the soil must be tamped.


  1. In the spring, the healthiest and most direct shoot of the mother plant must be lowered into the garden bed.
  2. Pin with an iron or plastic bracket (you can use a hairpin).
  3. The place of contact of the layer with the ground should be covered with earth, leaving only the top above the surface.
  4. After rooting, the young plant should be separated from the mother and planted in a prepared place.


  1. In early July, a 12 - 15 cm long stalk should be cut from the top of the mother plant.
  2. Before planting, it can be treated with a root stimulant, for example, "Epin" or "Kornevin".
  3. At the bottom of the prepared container, it is necessary to lay a layer of expanded clay and nutritious and loose substrate. Having made a depression with your finger, burying the handle in it about half.
  4. From above, you need to tighten the container with plastic wrap or cover with glass.
  5. Moisturize with a spray bottle 4 - 5 times a day.


How to properly grow a plant from seeds? Oregano seeds can be sown directly into open ground, but this method is not as popular as propagation of oregano seedlings, since it is only suitable for southern regions.

  1. It is necessary to prepare the soil for the garden bed as described above.
  2. In loosened and moistened soil, furrows should be made with a depth of no more than 1 cm and a row spacing of 25 - 45 cm (depending on the variety).
  3. They need to sow seeds, which can be pre-mixed with sand (1: 1) to facilitate their visibility.
  4. Sprinkle on top with a layer of loose earth (no more than 0.5 - 1 cm).
  5. The earth should be compacted and moistened with a spray bottle. You can mulch the plot with hay.


Propagation of oregano seedlings is considered the most popular... Sowing seeds for seedlings can be done in a wide and shallow container, peat cassettes or other suitable container.

  1. The bottom of the container should be covered with drainage, then with nutritious soil.
  2. It must be moistened and pre-soaked oregano seeds should be spread over the surface (2 days in water + 35C). Above - peat, but not more than half a centimeter.
  3. Everything should be moistened with a spray bottle and covered with a film (plastic bag) or glass, which can be removed with the appearance of the first shoots (after 1.5 - 2 weeks).
  4. Further, with the appearance of 2 - 3 true leaves (5 - 7 cm), the seedlings dive into separate containers.
  5. Caring for future plants consists in regularly airing the crops (opening the film, shaking off condensate from it).
  6. When young plants are 45-60 days old, they can be transplanted into open ground.
  7. A bed for oregano should be prepared in the fall. In the spring, it is usually only slightly loosened.
  8. For planting oregano seedlings, planting holes are prepared at a distance of 15 - 20 cm from each other. The seedlings extracted with an earthen lump are placed in a hole, sprinkled with earth, which is lightly crushed around the trunk.

How to care?

  • Temperature... The optimal temperature regime for oregano is + 18C - + 20C, but the plant can withstand fluctuations of + 12C - + 35C. However, temperature drops of 5 - 8 degrees are poorly tolerated by oregano.
  • Watering... Oregano requires moderate watering: in no case should you overmoisten the soil, but you shouldn't overdry it either. Watering frequency - as the topsoil dries out, approximately once every 3-4 days.
  • Shine... Oregano loves a lot of light, but nevertheless, direct sunlight directly on the delicate foliage should be excluded. On particularly hot summer days, the plant will require shading. If the weather is cloudy, then oregano seedlings need additional lighting with a phytolamp.
  • Top dressing... If oregano is not grown as an ornamental plant, then it needs systematic feeding. After each cutting of the stems under the bush, it is necessary to add an infusion of chicken manure (1 part of droppings: 15 parts of water) or mullein (1:10). You can also fertilize with mineral fertilizers (15 - 20 grams of nitroammofoska per square meter in dissolved form).
  • Pinching... As the bush grows, the tops of the shoots should be pinched (broken off by hand) to form its crown and stimulate branching.
  • Loosening... After each watering, the plant needs systematic loosening to a depth of 1.5 cm, especially in the first two years of life: the formation of a dry soil crust must not be allowed.
  • Weeding... Weeds should not be allowed to clog the area with oregano, especially in the first years of life. But after three seasons, weeding can be ruled out.

How to breed and care for oregano at home - features

Oregano can be grown at home on a light windowsill or on a warm glazed balcony.

The plant will need pots with a capacity of 2 - 3 liters with good drainage and drain holes. As a substrate, any nutritious soil bought in a specialized store or sandy-loamy loose soil with a pH of 6.0 - 6.5 is suitable.

You can propagate oregano by dividing a bush or seedlings... The care system is the same as for oregano outdoors. Additional measures - in the warm season, the plant can be exposed to the open air, but with the onset of the first cold weather, it should be placed back in a warm and sunny place.

Diseases and pests

Oregano is attacked by aphids and attacked by Alternaria (black rot). The disease provokes excessive watering, respectively, you can get rid of it by adjusting the watering scheme. If the roots are too rotten, then the plant will be transplanted.

And to get rid of aphids, you can use the folk method: insist 100 grams of dry wormwood in 400 ml of boiled ox, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes. You can try to get rid of the pest by spraying with garlic or onion infusions, dusting with ash and tobacco dust (1: 1).

When and how to harvest?

In the first year of life, oregano does not bloom and grows slowly., and in the second and subsequent years - begins to throw out the buds and grow rapidly. The cut of the shoots is made during the flowering of the plant (July - August), which has already reached 15 - 20 cm in height. The stems are cut to 1/3 of the height, which contributes to their further intensive growth. Then they are dried at + 35C in a shaded dry place.

Oregano is an unpretentious plant. Having fulfilled a number of simple requirements for its maintenance and reproduction, you can get a real home green pharmacy in your own yard or apartment.

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