Flower creepers

Flower creepers

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Question: what creepers on the terrace?

Dear experts, I intend, for the second year, to plant on my balcony (on the sixth floor and facing east, with the sun in the morning and until the early afternoon) possibly a vine that blooms in summer and is also an evergreen. Last year I bought a plant of Australian origin which, however, with the harsh winter of this last period, I fear has not survived (although I have covered it with the appropriate cloth and well in advance). I have a partition wall, so a nice creeper able to create a separating wall would be ideal. Tips? Thanks Annalisa Modena

Answer: evergreen flowering vines

Dear Annalisa,
the position on your terrace is surely indicated for a beautiful flower creeper, which having so much light will produce a true cascade of flowers; the most widespread plant in Italy as a flowering creeper is certainly the trachelospermum jasminoides, it is a vigorous, evergreen shrub, well resistant to cold, which produces candid flowers, similar to jasmine, very fragrant, blooms from late spring to summer end.
If your terrace is sheltered in winter, you can also think of planting a real jasmine, or jasminum polyanthum, but know that it fears frost, especially if it lasts for a long time.
If you want something a little more exotic you can plant a dipladenia, choosing a variety that does not fear the sun too much, generally you find them in the nursery with sundavilla-type names; this plant also fears intense frost, but the large trumpet flowers, of an intense color, often red or pink, are worth the risk.
Another very resistant, evergreen plant with beautiful flowers is the passion flower; in the nursery you can find many varieties and species, although the most resistant to cold is certainly the passiflora caerulea, the one with white and blue flowers; while the most striking varieties and particular flowers are often a little more delicate.
Recently used solanum jasminoides, in winter it may need a light covering, but it will give you a cascade of white star-shaped flowers.
The plumbago is not very widespread but very beautiful, it is not very vigorous, with flowers whose shape is very reminiscent of jasmine, but without scent and sky blue; if you wish you can avoid the poor vegetation of the plumbago by placing a solanum in the same vase, which tends to lengthen, and at the base a plumbago.
Obviously to have a beautiful healthy plant and lots of flowers, you will have to prepare for the plant that you will choose a nice large vase, like one of those large tanks; if you think it may be too heavy for the terrace, choose a plastic material, possibly porous; always use a top quality soil in these cases, consider that your plant will have to stay for a long time, and lighten the mixture with sand or pumice stone, so that it is well permeable to water.
Also remember that potted plants need regular watering and fertilizing; watering will be more important if the vase does not receive water from the rains.
The fertilizer is supplied every fifteen or twenty days, from April to September, dissolved in the water of the watering.


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