What is Aktara and how to treat orchids with a toxic chemical?

What is Aktara and how to treat orchids with a toxic chemical?

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Aktara is a chemical substance used to combat pests of indoor plants, including orchids. The effectiveness of the drug depends on compliance with the rules of storage, dilution and use.

Composition, mechanism of action, safety methods are topics of interest to orchid lovers. All the details about the treatment of these beauties with this drug are posted below in the article.

What is this substance?

Aktara is a pesticide designed to combat certain types of flower parasites. Used for the prevention and destruction of orchid pests:

  • mealy worm;
  • mushroom mosquitoes;
  • scabbards;
  • aphids;
  • flat beetles;
  • thrips and others.

Produced in various forms, applied in several ways. Has no negative effect on the flower.

The action of the insecticide begins in half an hour or an hour after treatment... The mechanism consists in the absorption of poisoned plant sap by parasites. Toxic substances destroy the digestive system, suppress hunger receptors, as a result of which insects stop eating, the nervous system is paralyzed, after which they die.

Release form

For home use, the drug is available in various formats. The market offers ready-to-use solutions in ampoules and vials, as well as dry and granular powders in sachets.

Volume, packing:

  • ampoule box: 1, 3 ml;
  • bottles: 250 g;
  • bottles: 9, 10 ml;
  • sachets: 1, 0, 1, 4 g, 4 g;
  • cans: 1l.

Florists choose a package that is sufficient for processing orchids in a room greenhouse, for use in the country, as well as for commercial use.

Scope of application

In the rating of modern means for controlling pests of garden and indoor plants, including orchids, Aktara is confidently in the lead. Florists, professionals and amateurs celebrate the versatility of the insecticide, effective in the destruction of a large number of insects parasitizing not only on orchids, but also on other garden crops. Suitable for processing:

  • indoor plants;
  • garden trees;
  • strawberries;
  • violets;
  • roses.

Active substance

Aktara is an insecticidal drug, the damaging effect of which is due to the active substance - thiamethoxam, which is part of the neonictoinoid group.

The external presentation of the substance is brown water-soluble granules. In ampoules it looks like a clear yellowish solution. Does not have a strong odor. The manufacturer is Syngenta AG. Switzerland.

When purchasing a drug, check its authenticity... Counterfeiting can hurt the budget, the flowers, and the owner!

Security measures

If you are going to use Aktara to destroy orchid pests, you must remember about safety measures. The drug is classified as a hazardous substance. Before using it, you should take precautions:

  • work with a pesticide is carried out in an open place or in a well-ventilated area;
  • the florist conducting the treatment must be in overalls, hands must be protected with rubber gloves, and a mask must be put on the face that covers the respiratory organs.

Precautions must be observed after using the drug.

Important! In living quarters, when using the actara, the windows are certainly thrown open. Disposable items, containers from the preparation, as well as its remains are destroyed. It is impermissible to throw out the remains of the poison into natural or artificial reservoirs.

Step by step instructions for use

Recommended treatments for orchids: spraying and watering... Spraying is done with a spray bottle, watering in the usual way. In case of severe infestation, both methods are recommended.

The dose of the drug to be dissolved depends on the processing method, the amount of work and on the type of insect pests against which the drug is directed.


  1. Spraying dosage:
    • for 10 liters of water 8 g of dry / granular preparation;
    • one ampoule is dissolved in 0.75 l of water.
  2. Dosage per 10 sq. meters: no more than one liter of ready-made solution.

Ten liters of solution is enough to treat more than 200 orchids. The dosage for watering is the same as for spraying.

Attention! It is necessary to dilute the drug immediately before use. You cannot store the solution in finished form!

How to dilute correctly?

The drug is diluted in two stages.:

  1. The entire contents are dissolved in a small amount of water. The remaining water is added as it dissolves. Stir everything well.
  2. The solution is filled with a sprayer. Processing is carried out.


The process of treating orchids with Aktara consists in spraying or watering parts of the plant with its solution.

You can process in such ways as:

  1. Spraying of ground parts of the plant: stems, leaves.
  2. Spraying the soil near the root.
  3. Watering the soil in pots.

In case of damage to the ground parts of the plant by the pest, double treatment is carried out: spraying and watering. Stems, leaves, roots and soil are sprayed.

Processing errors and their consequences

  • It is undesirable to carry out an insecticide treatment after watering the plants with water. In this case, its effectiveness decreases.
  • Another common mistake is not taking precautions, which can have serious consequences for human and pets health. An overdose of the drug has no serious consequences for the plant. But for processing a small number of orchids, it is advisable to make an accurate dosage so as not to pollute the environment with harmful waste.

Drug analogs

The uniqueness and efficiency of the actara excludes the presence of full-fledged analogues on the market. But there are drugs that enhance its effectiveness. Their use is important for maintaining a plant in a healthy state and eliminating resistance. Insecto acaricides are capable of complementing the effect, destroying spider mites that do not succumb to Aktar.

Storage conditions

The toxicity and specificity of the drug requires special storage conditions.:

  • Aktara in ampoules, vials or sachets is kept in a dark place at a low temperature.
  • The place must be protected from moisture.
  • It is not allowed to find the insecticide near food products, medicines.
  • It is necessary to keep the pesticide out of the attention of children and pets.
  • After use, the remnants of the drug must be burned. You cannot inhale the smoke from its destruction.
  • Dishes from under the actara are not allowed to be used for other purposes.

Swiss-made Aktara is a true friend of lovers of beautiful orchids. Florists unanimously choose this drug as an effective remedy against parasites that suck the juices from flowers and plants. Subject to the rules for using orchids in pots and in flower beds, they will bloom in lush color to the delight of all beauty lovers.



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