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Quite recently, the "Queen Anna" variety, a fruitful and resistant to many diseases ...


Many gardeners consider yellow potato varieties to be the most delicious. Variety "League" is ...


Fans of ultra-early potatoes will surely appreciate the Milena variety - fruitful, unpretentious, ...


Elmundo potatoes are an early maturing table variety of Dutch breeding. A distinctive feature ...


Potato variety "Serpanok" was bred by Ukrainian breeders and is intended for growing on ...


"Chugunka" is an original variety of national selection, widespread in personal subsidiary plots ....


"Kievsky Svitanok" is a popular potato variety in Ukraine and Russia. The tubers are different ...


The Sheri potato variety has already managed to acquire a huge number of fans both among domestic, ...


The Rosana potato variety has been around for over twenty years, but it is still in use ...


Potatoes Bryansky Delikates is a promising and interesting variety that you will surely like ...


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