Growing flowers in the shade

Growing flowers in the shade

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Question: growing flowers in the shade

Good morning, I would like to plant seasonal or even better perennial flowers at low rates. The sun comes a little in the morning and evening. If then I can't put flowers then opt for a ground cover. Can you give me any suggestions? thank you very much

Answer: cultivate flowers in the shade

Dear Carla,
if your flower beds receive at least a few hours of sunshine a day, you can safely house a long series of perennials, which love the partial shade, but you can also try with some essence that loves the sun, at most it will tend to bloom with less abundance.
typically in the shaded flower beds are placed ground cover plants, such as the beautiful hosta, they are plants not particularly common in Italy, but easy to find in the nursery, and of sure effect, also because in addition to producing beautiful purple or blue flowers, they have in genus a striped, variegated, or particular colored foliage and they can also illuminate the flowerbeds in dark areas.
In addition to hostas you can plant the ophiopogon, it is a perennial of smaller size, which forms small dense tufts, with small flowers similar to pink lilies of the valley.
The vinca is another groundcover that goes well everywhere, sun, shade and half-shade, one of those low-maintenance plants, like the Iperico, with a good spring bloom, which will hardly give you problems.
The astilbe is also perfect in the shade, where it blooms without problems, and produces an almost shrubby vegetation, up to about 50-60 cm in height.
Many small flowers are then suitable for your flower beds, perennials and annuals, such as Geranium, torenia, campanulas of various species, begonias of all kinds, lilies of the valley, liriope; also the petunias and the geraniums that are put on the terrace often love more the semi shaded flowerbeds, rather than the vase, and the same can be said for pansies.
If instead you prefer to place shrubs, you can dedicate yourself to all the acidophilous ones, which tend to prefer a fairly cool and humid climate, difficult to obtain in completely sunny flowerbeds: then hydrangeas, pieris, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, sarcococones, leucothoe; they are all shrubs to be placed in the shade, but in acid soil.
Even the gardenias are well placed in a position of that type, also in soil for acidophilic plants, obviously choosing a rustic variety.
In the mid-shade flower beds you can also place the calle, which is a little shaded during the summer months.
Just pay attention to what kind of shade you have in your flower beds: the rates above the ground are evergreen, with very dense and thick foliage, which prevents rain water from falling to the ground.
Most of the plants that love shade, prefer a fresh and moist soil; if the soil of your garden is very dry, due to the crown of the yews, it is advisable to remember to water more frequently.


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