Crocus flowering

Crocus flowering

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Question: crocus flowering

Hi, I planted crocus bulbs in a large vase along with daffodils and hyacinths and fertilized with ox blood around mid-March. The crocuses have already blossomed and withered within a week. Is it normal or did I do something wrong? they are placed on a very sunny terrace (perhaps too hot) during the day and very windy. thank you very much

Crocus flower: Answer: bulbous pots

Dear Angela,
the crocus flowers are the first to bloom at the end of winter, and their flowering lasts a few days; subsequently the leaves remain alive and grow for a few weeks, and then they also wither, it is the normal development of a crocus.
Daffodils and hyacinths will begin to develop later, but also the vegetative season of these plants is short, and lasts only a few weeks; in fact the flowering bulbous spring flower beds are then filled with annual plants from the summer development.
The bulbous plants you have chosen are very rustic and suitable for growing, that is they can be left at home for years, without the need to move them or for special care; in fact, however, your vase seems very crowded to me.
I don't think this will have any kind of problem with regards to this year's flowering; only that in the next few years you will certainly have to move the bulbs, or unearth them and keep only a few.
The bulbous plants of your choice tend to produce small cloves each year, which then tend to grow in size, becoming like mother bulbs; Over the years, your vase will contain too many bulbs, which will then stop flowering, not finding enough space and nutrients to produce the flowers.
So I advise you, in the autumn, to dig up your bulbs, and to put them in the garden in the ground, or in individual pots, or a large vase for each species of bulb; together with the bulbs you can already place some perennial herbaceous summer-flowering plants in autumn, so that your pots are decorative and full of flowers for a longer period of time.
I also remind you that bulbous plants store enough nutrients to produce the flowers the following year; plants produce the sugars they feed on through chlorophyll photosynthesis, or through the leaves.
So, if you want large, healthy flowers from your bulbous plants, you have to take care of their leaves; therefore, after flowering, it continues to water and to fertilize your bulbous plants, with a fertilizer for flowering plants; until the leaves begin to naturally wilt and turn yellow.


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