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White soil

White soil

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Question: white soil

I have a dracena marginata it forms white mold on the ground what will it be? thanks

Answer: white soil

Dear Giuliano,
the presence of mold or fungus on the soil of a plant is a clear manifestation of a constant and repeated excess of watering; the dracena is a resistant and vigorous plant that probably has not yet manifested its suffering, but surely, in the long run, the permanence in an unhealthy substratum will be seen also on the foliage of your dracena. Generally these events occur when the soil used for the repotting is of poor quality; or when, for a long time, the waterings have been excessive, and have made the ground asphyxiated, excellent for the development of rots of all kinds.
Before the roots of your dracaena are hit by the rot that spreads in the ground, I advise you to repot it, and to supply it with a dose of systemic fungicide, or a fungicide that must be supplied with watering, and that enters the plant in circulation, acting as as a powerful barrier against the development of any fungus or rot. Obviously, for repotting, choose a top quality soil.
Without this, I remind you that the dragon trees must be watered from March to September, only when the ground is dry; if you do not know if it is the case to water, dip a finger in the substratum, if it is damp and fresh, send the watering of at least one day. In this way you will water the plant about once a week in the periods of March and September more often in June and July, more or less two or three times a week. During the cold months, with short days, water only sporadically, always avoiding stagnation in the saucer.